Wednesday, January 18, 2012

this blog is still in business

OK, so I forgot my username and password......

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Just putting this post on to keep the blog alive, but can't see the point of it

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

blog spot physio

I've added this post to keep the blog live in case I need it in the furture but by now I'm so bored with the world of blogging that I've nothing new to say. Why should I waste time with this when I could be doing my freelance writing on healthcare? THe worst thing is that few opprtunities exist to write about physical therapy.

Friday, February 15, 2008

blogging or questions sites?

I've found that Yahoo Answers is an interesting site (sorry Google!) I regularly go to the health section and have put in a fair few responses under a pseudonym (it would really give the game away if I called myself BillyBobCartwright). I get amaized at a number of things. Question and answer sites seem to attract a fair few idiots who think that if they got on the internet they will always get good advice, when if you look at some of the advice it is really dangerous or unhelpful. Some situations sound medical emergencies and you would think anyone with one ounce of sense would go straight to their nearest ER. It is especially interesting looking at those questions about conditions with which physical therapists work as it gives a flavour of the common misconceptions about health. There are more question sites than Yahoo but theirs seems to have more interaction, but let's hope that Microsoft does not buy the company because that would mean a further extenion of the Gates monopoly. Some of the questions might be better put on a blog.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

physiotherapy or physical therapy

Has the time come to change the term for physical therapy within the UK , Canada and Australia to physical therapy? In using the term physiotherapy does it not come with a heap of baggage and assunmptions which are no longer valid or are totally out of date? The term physiotherapy was adopted within the days of the British empire, and has many unspoken values and assumption associated with it. It would be interesting to find out what images the general public get when they hear the term "physiotherapy".

Friday, July 13, 2007

physiotherapy blog

Here's a confession. There's more than 1 blog run by me, the original idea was to provide different aspects , so having a serious one, a fun blog and another with a different perspective. The trouble with the idea is the amount of material it takes to run just 1 so I suspect at the moment I'll only do occasional posts on this one. If you go to the "confessions of an NHS doctor" blog listed on physiotherapyblog your will see how much work goes into writing a really popular blog. It's more like running a magazine. maybe if activity picks up I'll revisit the idea of having 3 blogs doing different things.

Monday, March 12, 2007

time pressure

Do you find that most of the time at work you're juggling what you're doing to get everything done? There's never enough time and there are always patients who interrupt admin time with questions that are so important to them but to us really could have waited to a more convenient time. I has one such interruption today , a patient asking about where she could get different splints, in the middle of me sorting out important e mails. This is something of a clash of priorities, many members of the public would think that "paperwork" is unnecessary but often it forms a vital part of communcation. It's the statistcal paperwork which is the real bind. because we're professionals we're polite and intersted in the trivial problem, although last week I drew the line when a patient wanted to talk about something fairly minor when I was in the middle of a new patient assessment. Sometimes i wish i could hide but like many work places the building design does not allow for that.